Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to take measurements from my car?

No. Our website contains most car makes and models that we have measured ourselves. Simply select your car model from the dropdown menu. Please contact us if you cannot find your car model and we will find one to take measurements from.


What does threshold height mean and how is it measured from a car?

If there are two different options to choose from, "cargo floor in uppermost position" or "cargo floor in lowermost position", the floorplate of the car's trunk can be set in two different positions. There is usually no threshold in the upper position and there is threshold in the lower position.




Does a dog guard for between the passenger compartment and the luggage compartment come with the dog gate?

No. A dog guard is not included.


Is it easy to install the dog gate?

Initial assembly takes 15-25 minutes and after that the dog gate can be installed and removed easily and quickly without any tools: the dog gate is simply secured between the floor and ceiling of the car. If the car has a high sill, tools are required to remove a dog gate with a divider. If a dog guard encroaches on the side of the luggage compartment, the divider can be cut to shape to fit around the dog guard. The divider can be cut to shape using a jigsaw. Instruction manuals


Is the dog gate secure even when installed in the car without any impact on the vehicle?

Yes. Additional options to secure the dog gate are available, if required.


Can a divider be removed? Can it be repositioned?

A divider can be removed via three bolts. Installation and removal are slightly harder for cars with a high sill. For such cars, the divider must be installed and removed inside the vehicle. The divider can be repositioned  7,5 cm using the Assembly kit for repositioning the divider.


How heavy is a dog gate?

Depending on car model, a dog gate weighs between 12-18 kg. Dividers weigh between 4-6 kg.


How long is the warranty?

The dog gate comes with a life-time warranty. The warranty covers faults in the materials or production faults. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the product or damage caused by improper use.


Are Kulkukoira dog gates covered by a 14 day return policy?

Kulkukoira dog gates are made to order and are therefore not covered.